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The Mega Mexico update: New Shop, Custom Calendars and Mexico!

26 Oct 2019, 18:15
This is the biggest update to iGP Manager since the introduction of Quick Races.

  • New Custom Calendars - One of the most popular feature requests we’ve had over the years is now here! Custom calendars allow league hosts to choose what circuits their league will race on each season, and in which order. At launch there are a total of 24 circuits to choose from, with league hosts customising and creating their own ideal 15 race season.* The new default calendar is randomly generated every season, throwing interesting design challenges and surprises to the managers, spicing up the racing.
  • New Shop - Introducing the brand-new Shop, with daily deals and rewards already included, soon we will release a range of exclusive special offers. Be sure to check back regularly and to download app updates to get early access to the latest special offers as they arrive.
  • New Circuit: Mexico - The list of circuits in iGP Manager just keeps on growing, and now Mexico has been added, just in time for the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. We hope you’ll enjoy the fun features of this circuit, such as the unique stadium section.

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