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HOW TO: Link your league in your posts!

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medal 5014 CEO & CTO
4 years 274 days ago (Last edited by Gustavo Heiden 2 years 70 days ago)
Too often in the past we've seen people advertising a league without embedding a link to it in the post. 

Now you can embed a link and summary of your league by wrapping your league ID in a 'league' tag. This will make it far easier for people to join your league and to decide if it is the right league for them. 

You can find your league's ID by visiting your League page in-game, then tapping the Info button (second button located in the middle):
In the window that opens, the very first information shown is the league ID. 

Now, here is an example of how to write your post:
Insert the league ID inside the league tag as shown above.

Below is an example of the output this will create in your post:

Velocity Racing League 1 - 8pm

MTWTFSS at 19:00
100% race distance igp-car 1 car per team 2.0x race speed
See league

If you would like to discuss this new feature, please do so in the announcements forum:
medal 5000 Head of Support
3 years 276 days ago
To add onto this, making multiple new threads for your league in a short time span will result in all but one of your threads being locked.

To better promote your league, stick to posting no more than one new thread for your league per month.
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