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New: Notification Alerts

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3 years 32 days ago (edited 3 years 32 days ago)
In the browser version of iGP Manager you can now receive notification alerts about race preparation, races starting, contracts expiring and HQ construction projects. This feature will be added in the next version of the apps as well on Android and iOS, but rather than browser notifications they will be OS notifications.

How to enable notifications - To receive the notifications, allow them in your browser:

Customize your notifications - You can customize your preferences on which notifications to receive in the settings page, under the Privacy tab.

Note on multiple accounts - Currently notifications will be sent for all accounts you use, and each has separate preferences.

If you do not wish to receive notifications there are two ways to do this:
1) Opt-out when the first prompt appears
2) Uncheck all notifications in Settings and save those changes. With this method you can re-enable any notifications you wish to receive as and when you need them.
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