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Become a iGP Translator - Open positions

This topic has been closed by the moderator José Trujillo
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4 years 55 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 1 year 5 days ago)
Dear community,

In order to improve the in-game experience, we have open positions for iGP Manager translators (VOLUNTEERS).

Work plan:

Translating new implementations in the game.
Correct erroneous, inaccurate or ambiguous translations.
— Sometimes the Staff will ask for urgent and short translations, for example for an advertisement or an announcement in the forum.
Collaborate with the moderation team in the translation of official announcements


— To understand English to PERFECTION, we look for excellent translations.
— Having a registered Discord account, we use a server to coordinate the team.
— Availability ample hours, we will ask for very simple tasks but the schedule in which we can ask for it is very extensive.

If you meet these conditions, send your request to José Trujillo at the following email address: and write "Translator application" as subject. In it you must provide us with the following information:

Name in Discord and Forum (name with which you are registered):
Nationality, Country:
Native language and others:
Experience in iGP Manager:

You can apply for the following languages:

🇵🇹 Portuguese (European): 1
🇬🇷 Greek: 1
🇯🇵 Japan: 2
🏳️ Arabic: 2
🏳️ Balkan Region: 1
🇺🇦 Ukrainian: 1
🇮🇩 Indonesian: 1
🇷🇺 Russian: 1
🇫🇷 French: 1
🇰🇷 Korean: 2
🇨🇳 Chinese:  2
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