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Push level and misc.

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medal 8789
121 days ago
I think that the push level should be set automatically as ideal (and kept ideal by the driver) and follow the pre-race instruction. For example, a popup list where you can order him/her to raise or lower the push level depending on situation: a couple of laps (whose number is at discretion of the user) before the pit, few seconds from the car ahead (in order to enter the DRS zone), slow when overheating, etc...

It's pointless to "force" the user to take care of that parameter lap by lap (or even turn by turn). It's not even a real challenge to choose the proper PL. I believe that the fun is not the real time control. Am I wrong?

I know, without that function the reasons to follow the races in live are even less. Maybe it's an opportunity to add other important aspects like accidents, off tracks and spins, car failures, penalties and safety car. 
medal 10000
121 days ago
we already have car failures in the game. And penalties make no sense, even with crashes in the game (won't happen, devs aren't intending it to be added) you can't control your driver he isn't just going to smash into someone lol.

About push levels, i do agree, but there can be plenty of solid points to why it shouldn't be added. I like this idea, because it feels like we can get team radio from the driver, like in MM (Motorsport Manager). If the driver wants to push, he can do a team radio,maybe have it placed just below the chat, strategy and settings in live race. But, this could lower the level of effort to do well in races and the race would be easier. Sorry if this didn't make too much sense lol
medal 8789
120 days ago
About game failures, I never saw a car retire, accident and relative safety car (and I already did some championships). Can you explain it better?
As a team manager (or any role with which it is intended the player in this game) you never have the direct control of your driver, and unfortunate incidents and driver's mistakes could easily be part of the game, just like in real life. And penalties would come accordingly.

"It's not even a real challenge to choose the proper PL."

As I wrote in the original post, IMO, is pretty easy to keep the tyre temperature at the right level. It's just a matter of dedicated time to the PL management during the race, nothing that requires real reasoning.
Maybe there are smarter ways to propose challenges.
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