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Pit Crew

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medal 6906
142 days ago
Could we try and get something  in IGP manager about pit crew  something like we have now in drivers and staff thank you.
medal 9814
137 days ago
medal 9102
119 days ago
If that happened we would all be running out of money fast
medal 7754
118 days ago
How much would a pit crew be paid per race
medal 8761
118 days ago
I've been suggesting that for ages. They could be trained the same as drivers, instead of 
Driver Abilty/attacking/defending etc
Mental/Focus/Morale etc. 

It could be 
Pit Crew/Front Jack/Rear Left ect 
Equipment/Front Jack/Rear Jack etc

So whereas with drivers you train 1 of 4 areas in each section, with the pit crew, you could train the crew but also you could "train" the equipment so that instead of a pit crew member getting better, a piece of equipment improved. 
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