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Advert Video + Repair Car Idea

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27 days ago

Is there a rule regarding who receives the videos for additional rewards?

I haven’t seen them in a while.

Also... There might be an idea to rework how yoy can repair the car. I currently need 34 parts and due to my low lvl HQ I gain very few.
I’m not saying it’s not partly my fault, but I feel that you should be able to use the parts that you have to repair the car even if you don’t repair it up to 100%.

I have been retiring in every race for the past week because I can’t repair even though I have almost 30.

I’m retiring means I’m losing millions every day as well which will put me into bankruptcy eventually.

Basically my question is whether it wouldn’t be better to repair even 1% instead of 100%. Sure eventually you would need to grow HQ beacuse you’d still produce leas than you lose in race, but at least you won’t get slammed out of the game if you hit low like now. Like I said. I’ve retired for at least a whole week now in a row.
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