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Test your ultim strategy skill

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medal 5500
133 days ago
Our season about to end, let's test your managerial and strategy skill in our league. It will be fun.

Indo F1 Emwees Bret to the Pit

MTWTFSS at 14:00
75% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league

We are 2x speed, 75% length, 18 races only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and some set of tire rule. No, it's not you have to do boring 2 or 3 different compound, here is free but your team will be limited by some set of tire allocation each season. For our 53rd season, you may choose 1 of 3 tire supplier (not basing from your car setting tho), and they are:

  • Brickstone provide 10 SS, 20 S, 55 M, 55 H, 5 I, 5 W = 150 totals

  • Toyotired provide 50 SS, 15 S, 15 M, 50 H, 5 I, 5 W = 140 totals

  • Dunsoft provide 60 SS, 50 S, 10 M, 5 H, 5 I, 0 W = 130 totals

So, it's up to you to distribute the tyre for each driver every race.
Nominating the tire supplier must be done before 53rd calendar begins, if not, yours will be nominated by host league.
More in depth rule can be viewed in this link:

medal 5500
122 days ago
Next week is the opening of new season, come join us now while nominating your team's tyre supplier is still open. Don't be late.
medal 5500
119 days ago
New season has started and produce exciting result.
medal 5500
117 days ago
After 2nd race, almost everyone had different strategy. Although manager are free to use any type of tyre, since the amount of tyre limited, they must managed for the whole season. No more boring all similar strat. 

<a href=""><img src="" alt="S53E2" border="0"></a>

Check out our result table here.
medal 5500
115 days ago
Usage tire result for the 3rd race of 53rd season. Noone's strategy are similar, amazing.

Table S53E03
medal 5500
80 days ago
Our league will start it's 54th season on next monday. Come join us, and have fun.
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