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Premier International Racing (PiR)

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192 days ago (Last edited by Kevin Bissell 87 days ago)
Hi all.
I have been playing iGP for five and a half years and in this time I have been fortunate to have competed in leagues run by some epic hosts and come up against a few legendary managers such as Joey McLane who taught me so much about the game. (See HoF #1 and the two guides in Help & Support sub-forum).
Anyhow, enough about me… I decided it’s time to give something back to the community so I have created my very first league, “Premier International Racing” and I invite you to join.
My aim is to provide a friendly league where Elite managers can discuss the finer points of the game and less experienced lower tier managers have the opportunity to receive some coaching and advice from the more experienced players.
In addition to the league wall I want to promote some friendly banter outside of the confines of the iGP world so I have set up a PiR Discord server. Anyone joining the league will be given the opportunity to join this server (It’s optional).
Finally, because all of you have a real life outside of this game we will not race on a Friday or Saturday evening to allow you to socialise with family and friends without the stress of wondering how your team are performing in your absence. 

That’s about all for now, any questions please post below or PM me.

Premier International Racing

MTWTFSS at 21:00
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 1.5x race speed
See league

Here are the rules:
League settings:

  • Teams: 2 Car – Maximum 16 teams per tier

  • Race Distance: 50%

  • Race Speed: 1.5x

  • Race Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

  • Number of races per season: 20

  • Race Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun

  • Race Time: 21:00 GMT

  • Promotion / Relegation: Enabled

Local Rules:

  • Tyres: No restrictions

  • Design: No restrictions

  • Car repair: Cars must be repaired at least every three races to prevent breakdown.

  • Attendance: Not compulsory but attendance is encouraged.

  • Number of teams: Only one team per manager per tier.

  • Behaviour: When posting on the league wall or in race chat please be considerate of others.

In addition to iGP Private Messages this league has a dedicated Discord server. Members will be invited to contribute.
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33 days ago (Last edited by Kevin Bissell 28 days ago)
Season 6 draws to a close.
With two races remaining, the final race of the season is on Xmas Eve.
Season 7 kicks off on 27th December with a local race for those of us in the UK because none of us want to travel to the other side of the world with a hangover.
For this season only at the request of the Pro tier teams, Promotion and Relegation are turned off to allow their teams to level up before taking on the old timers in Elite.
Here is S7 calendar:
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28 days ago (Last edited by Kevin Bissell 28 days ago)
8 hours until the start of Season 7. We already have a manager with 1000 race history join the league earlier today, there are still two Elite spots available. Get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Edit: Promotion / Relegation is going to be re-enabled for S7,so if you have a competitive Pro or Rookie team that you would like to go up a tier, this is a good opportunity.
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