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Hall of Fame reputation 'farming' | New Rules & Penalties

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1 year 98 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 1 year 98 days ago)
'Farming ban' & Penalties
Today, we are implementing a three-strike system to prevent reputation 'farming', a technique that typically involves the use of multiple accounts to boost the reputation of a single account, effectively exploiting the Hall of Fame and unfairly obtaining higher positions. In order to keep things fair and fun for all, this practice is banned. The new rules and associated penalties are described below.


  1. A 'cease and desist' message is sent to the manager in question, informing them that we are aware of what they are doing. Their reputation will also be reset at the same time this message is sent, using the same formula normally used at the start of each Hall of Fame season (all gains above 5000 will be halved)

  2. If they continue to engage in bad practices then they will receive a one-season ban from participating in the Hall of Fame. As a further deterrent, we will also deduct cash from their team equivalent to that of the Hall of Fame prize money for the position they were in at the time they were caught.

  3. If they persist after the first two strikes, they will be permanently banned from participating in the Hall of Fame.

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