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Wet Malaysia start bug?

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medal 5561
62 days ago
What did you try to do?
Hi, I know that Malaysia in itself can be buggy, I don't know if this is another one.
I got pole position and hoped to at least hold on to it by the first corner!
I was on pl5 but still got passed.
Video evidence:

What happened instead?
I got passed easily by turn 1 even though the team behind was also on a 1 stop and on the same pit strategy and our fuel economy was the same.

Also I didn't get the start lights if that makes a difference....

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What is the model of your device?
Samsung Tab A

What is the operating system?

What is the version number of the operating system?
The newest one.

Can the bug be reproduced?
Hopefully not.

Additional comments:
Any help is appreciated.
medal 6479
62 days ago
that’s the perfect description of the Malaysia turn 1 bug, a known problem
medal 5561
62 days ago
My first lap was also 2-3 secs slower than 1st and 2nd. Which is massive! Maybe me going pl1 a bit sooner than usual made a difference because I was afraid that I would get the bug where the wets overheat even on pl1 in Mal, but still it has really hurt my Championship fight which just adds to the frustration!

Here's the results to see the first lap time:
medal 5442
62 days ago (Last edited by Rhys James 62 days ago)
Wet Malaysia is the most bugged and worst race in the game. Except from dry brazil. And (for dreariness) wet monaco.
medal 6479
62 days ago
Btw this only happens in wet races which makes it odd as well
medal 5561
62 days ago (Last edited by Frank Malcov 30 days ago)
Surely this has to be top priority!?
There are bugs in the game that have been around for YEARS and nothing has been done!
 Sorry for the blunt question but what are the devs doing!? I don't understand.

The drs activating a lap early at Spain and randomly at Brazil, the start bug at wet Malaysia and Valencia, the mess that is the pits.
These and many others that are out of our control directly affect the outcome of races!

They say that they are working on something bigger for the future but there is nothing bigger than the live racing, which is the MOST important aspect of this game and to me it's like they have forgotten that fact. 😕
medal 5561
54 days ago
As usual, nothing....... 🙁
medal 5986
54 days ago
I think the Malaysia wet race is the most bugged race in the game.
Yeah, I know that's no help. Just sometimes you feel like you just have to say something lol
medal 6055
54 days ago
Hi Frank..just had a look in detail at the scenario detailed above, whether there is a bug or not in this case (there used to be even a bug at Turn 1 and Turn 2 in this track, where the car even stopped on track, and +8, +10 places happened..thankfully they have now fixed that particular bug)

Your lead driver Frank Molcov had 15 laps of fuel on board. This was one lap more than the 14 lap fuel load from Michael Wilson, however the same fuel load as Joseph Evans

This partly explains why Michael Wilson got past your heavier driver on the start.

The main factor I see though, is the considerable differences in the drivers 'Driving' stats, and 'Mental' stats. Both drivers who overtook you, are rated at lvl12 and 13, with a more balanced stats distribution. Your driver is rated lvl8, with a fairly uneven distribution, particularly for the Mental stats, which have a greater impact, as you have seen, than many people assume.
medal 6760
54 days ago (Last edited by Tommy Vercetti 54 days ago)
Hi Peter. 
All that being said, I got a normal pull away from the start then instantly lost the position at the corner, this doesn't happen anywhere else, (apart from Valencia) plus the fact that I was on pl5 and that it was wet which makes overtaking even more unlikely. We already know that wet Malaysia has been bugged for way to long and we just want some action to be finally taken by the devs to get to the bottom of these race/championship deciding bugs.
Sorry for the different account. 😅
medal 6760
53 days ago
Yeah this is 100% a bug.
The exact same thing happened with this team at wet Malaysia. 2nd overtook 1st at the first corner, with everything at max push and my 2 equal drivers.


Please take notice of this because it makes the game extremely unfair and basically pointless if you are going to lose pole position at the start without any way to prevent it!!! Please.

Thank you.

Race results:
medal 6760
47 days ago (Last edited by Tommy Vercetti 47 days ago)
Any advance on this? I was on pl5 for both drivers for the first and second lap, but the pole man was extremely slow over that first lap even though I was on pl5. It's almost like the driver isn't going full speed or something. :P
Here's a video if it helps. :)
medal 5549
44 days ago
And it happened on a dry race as well:
raceid: 28645660
medal 6760
35 days ago
Once again, but in the dry as well. 7:55 for the start.
medal 6683 MODERATOR
31 days ago
Haven't you noticed this happens in European iGP as well ?

I think pole position hits brakes earlier than he should, and then second position overtakes without any extra effort needed.

*Joke* That's why I always aim for second position on qualifying for those races  =)
medal 6760
30 days ago
Yeah I know, we all know this has been happening for ages and I just thought that I would post it here in an effort to get it fixed, what more can I do? 🤷

That could be a reason why yeah, also the actual spacing between the first two cars on the grid in Europe is basically nothing, so that could be why 2nd overtakes so easily?
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