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League F1 Ukraine

What the league should be

50% (4)
The league must be unique
50% (4)
should be like everyone else
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60 days ago (Last edited by League Kozak 60 days ago)
My league my achievements.
There are rules.
1. Limit of tires for the season: (s) 80 (m) 40 (h) 50.
2. Car settings up to 150 points.
3. Move accounts between groups for this there is a league and 30 accounts. Closed league.
4. When there are few players, I can guarantee to move them further to the pro and the elite.
This is what it is for this day.
I would really like to make a system of awards for the players for the best circle, for leadership in the season.
Players who have not completed the practice are disconnected from the race.

League Kozak

MTWTFSS at 19:00
100% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league
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