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Pit stop errors

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medal 6888
58 days ago
What did you try to do?
Our race this evening in Germany, myself and the eventual winner of the race both came into the pits at the end of lap 37. I was in first position, he was in third. My stop took 3.4 seconds to complete, his took 3.6. He comes out of the pits ahead of me. He is now in 2nd position with a slightly heavier car than me and I am behind him in 3rd position. There's no way he should exit the pit ahead of me considering he came in behind me and his stop took 2 tenths longer to complete.

What happened instead?
So in this situation I can't take advantage with a lighter load because I'm now stuck behind a heavier car whos pit stop ended up being better than mine even though it took longer! The guy putting in less fuel should not be penalised but should have the advantage with a quicker pit.

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What is the model of your device?
Fire 7

What is the operating system?

What is the version number of the operating system?

Can the bug be reproduced?
Yes it can because I have seen other players complain of similar experiences.

Additional comments:
The game is great except for this flaw and it can really mess up a players race, so I hope this can be fixed. Thanks
medal 6225
58 days ago
All players are facing this bug. And this is not due to car blocked by another in the pit. I was told that this is apparently due to some differencies between car speed in the pitlane. From my experience it can cost around 2s (i even experienced 5s difference one time but there was also car block involved on that case) on a pit stop and yes definitely change a race result especially in a close fight.

I was told this is a very difficult bug to solve.
medal 6888
57 days ago
Tnx Yann, I knew from reading through some of the threads in the forum that others were facing the same kind of issues. I don't really understand though why it's such a difficult thing for them to sort out. I mean just getting all the cars to have the exact same speed limit in the pit lane and without any blocking being able to happen sounds like it could be easily achieved. Let's hope they can iron this out soon because it's really taking the shine off what is otherwise a very good and well balanced game.
medal 5992 MODERATOR
55 days ago
The team has done a wonderful job of improving the pitstops and now it no longer happens to lose many positions and many seconds. There is still something going on at the end of the pit lane, where there are sometimes unexpected overtaking. All this however is under investigation by the devs. Have patience and you will see that this too will be solved! 
medal 6127
55 days ago
Just today I was losing 5+ seconds every pit stop. I qualified pole and had decent pace but that ruined it for me. 
medal 5992 MODERATOR
54 days ago

Just today I was losing 5+ seconds every pit stop. I qualified pole and had decent pace but that ruined it for me. 

It no longer happens to lose 5 seconds at the pitstop. I looked at the data of your race in Spain. You started with SS, with very high temperature, you logically stopped before your opponents who took advantage of the overcut towards you. In addition, your pitstops, having loaded more fuel than them, were logically slower (0.3 to 0.6 seconds longer).
medal 5637
53 days ago
so they fixed the losing lots of spots at pit stops yet didn't check to see if there were other problems even though pit stops were a problem for sooo long, how are you guys developing this game?

more and more i'm finding the game is becoming a beta test, using players to find faults and then deciding if they should be fixed,i bet if token payments were broken it would be fixed asap?
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