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End of Championship - Reputation calculation changes

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255 days ago (Last edited by Dazaster Price 254 days ago)
Hi all,

After the poll the other day we chose to not remove the end of championship reward being 100 reputation points to the manager that was top of the elite tier for the season that just finished. 

However we felt this gives a slightly unfair advantage to others that are also in the elite tier, so this season and future seasons. We have decided to make the following changes to the end of championship rep.

Reputation is decided by using 50 reputation as a base.
We then use the following and multiply this to the base amount and then rounded to the nearest whole number:-

Current team size divided by Max team size ( 32 in a single car league, 16 in a 2 car league)
Current tier divided by Highest tier (Assuming Rookie = 1, Pro = 2, Elite = 3) 
Total number of races run divided by Max amount of races possible (22)

We then take that number and divide it by the number of teams to get the reduction amount per team after first.

So for example in a single car league with 16 teams in pro tier and 22 races run.
50 * 0.5 * 0.67 * 1.0 = 16.67 

16.67 / 16 = 1.041 is the reduction number per place after 1st. The total deduction for each place is then rounded. 

1st gets 17
2nd gets 16
3rd gets 15
4th gets 14
5th gets 13
6th gets 11
7th gets 10
8th gets 9
9th gets 8
10th gets 7
11th gets 6
12th gets 5
13th gets 4
14th gets 3
15th gets 2
16th gets 1

Good luck managers
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