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New: 5 online + 2 offline races per week

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13 days ago (Last edited by Slo Bro 3 days ago)
This season, the league i host (Premier Racing League) will try out this new system of 5 online races per week plus 2 offline races. These 2 offline races will take place on saturday and sunday, managers are not allowed to attend these two live races or interfere in these live races.

This way, we can have competitive races during weekends without having to be online at a specific time.

We will evaluate this system during the season, we will see where we go from there.

2 compound tyre rule for elite in place

Premier Racing League

MTWTFSS at 20:00
75% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league
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2 days ago
Join us now we’re in between seasons
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18 hours ago
Counting down to season start
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