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Service interruption (7th Oct 2020 @ 6:00 GMT)

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297 days ago
Hello managers

For the past 40-50 minutes there have been some intermittent service issues with races starting, practice laps fail (0:00:000) and pages loading. We are working to resolve them now and will update this thread with further information as we have it.

Practice laps with no time:

Any practice laps which did not record a time will be deleted shortly and you will be able to re-run those laps.

Races not loading:

Races will be marked for rerun automatically once we fix this situation, all the affected members will receive a compensation.
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297 days ago
Hi Managers,

Everything is back to normal now and all services are stable.

We have indentified and corrected the issue, all races that ran should now be parsed correctly.

If there was any leagues that want a race rerun please use the appropriate forum thread to request this.
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