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My Bugs

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 4932
59 days ago
Co próbowałeś zrobić?

Co się wtedy stało?

Czy problem wystąpił podczas korzystania z Wi-Fi, transmisji danych lub obu?

Gdzie wystąpił problem, aplikacja, PC czy w obu?

Jakiego modelu urządzenia używasz?

Jaki masz system operacyjny?

Jaki jest numer wersji systemu operacyjnego?

Czy można odtworzyć błąd?
Hi, I have a lot of bugs and have been for a long time! Reinstalling the application did not help. And before the update, everything worked perfect ...

The most important mistakes:
No car is visible during the race !!
Turning off the application in laps 3-7
No DRS with a loss of less than 1 second (even when I was losing 0.36s !!!)
Adding liters of fuel, despite the prepared strategy ...

And here is a link to the recording of one of the races I recorded.

Dodatkowe komentarze:
medal 5293
59 days ago
These invisible cars are pretty annoying. Can't help you with that. Support might have a solution.

Concerning DRS:
What's the level of your technology center and at which level are are Boost and DRS?
Asking, because in lap 8 your 2nd car got DRS but got overtaken by another car with DRS. Reason might be, his DRS is several levels higher than yours.
Same in lap 10 for your first car.

Afaics, you get DRS, but it is pretty weak. Can you name a lap, where you didn't get DRS but should have?

What do you mean by "Adding liters of fuel, despite the prepared strategy ..."?

In general, it is a bad idea to put several problems in one thread: You might get a lot of answers on one issues, but another one is disregarded. And every answer has to make pretty clear, what they are referring to. Otherwise this thread might be hard to follow in no time!
58 days ago
Hello Dawid,

As said before by Cole, usually we just address one issue per topic so we keep the forum organised and the communication is clear. I have fixed the issue with the invisible car, due to an unknown issue your livery wasn't saved correctly. Please open a new topic about the rest of the issues, one topic per issue please. We will be happy to help you as we assisted you this time. Thank you very much!
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