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Update reputation achievements

Do the reputation achievements need updating?

91.67% (22)
8.33% (2)
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medal 6106
57 days ago
With the current Hall of Fame system in place, it is impossible to get the 8000+ and 9000+ rep achievements, and nearly impossible to get the 7000+ one. I suggest that these achievements need updating to allow them to once again be achievable.
medal 5321
55 days ago
I know that this has already been approved, but, just spitballing a way for this to be done...


1. Keep the achievements as they initially are.  Just change the text to say "career reputation"

2. Calculate the achievements by calculating the overall gains in rep over a manager's career.  The game must have that data due to the HoF history.

That is all.
medal 5632
55 days ago
I agree, a little weird current Hall of Fame, to put it mildly 🤔
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