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Out of fuel before stopping

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medal 5416
74 days ago
Hello everyone! I have before you a big dilemma here in regards to how I avoid running out of fuel in a non managing league.

Essentially, at my previous race in Britain I thought things were looking good I decided to run 12/13/13/10 and 13/13/13/9  (keep in mind they go further with a set push level as low as it is) with my two guys. Early on they were both in the top 4 and stayed there during the second stint, this was before my shorter filled driver decided to run out of fuel before stopping this put him way back in 8th he recovered to get near to the top 4 before managing to do exactly the same thing on his last stop and as such his race died. To add to my pain, my longer running driver did the same thing on his last stop and lost a chance at finishing 2nd. (he finishes 5th) 

Push level: Low
Temp: 13 degrees
Track: Britain
Fuel consumption and tyre wear: afraid i can't remember (but i can show the read outs from the race if needed)

Really hope there is some way for me to be able to avoid this from now on especially with a title at stake 
medal 5156 SUPER MOD
74 days ago
What was your FE design attribute value?
Please share screen shot of your race data, especially the laps around the pit stops where you ran out of fuel. Similar to the image below...

Edit: Also, did the cars stop on the laps you intended or did they do a lap more or less than planned?
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