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Latest roadmap revisions

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medal 5125 CEO & CTO
153 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 117 days ago)
As mentioned previously, there have been revisions (delays) to the development timeline since the roadmap blog was published. I want to give an update today so that everyone knows where we stand approaching the end of the year. The latest timeline estimates are as follows:

Revised timeline

  • League rules - it's in testing now. There is still potential for it to launch in December but don't be surprised if it lands in early January. Either way, it's almost here.

  • 10 New levels - late January. This was originally planned for December but it needs more development time.

  • 3D Wheel-to-wheel racing (no more ghosting) - February is now the most reasonable assumption for when this will arrive. It's technically challenging but thankfully not the most pressing matter for gameplay, more of a visual improvement.

Thanks for your support and patience as we work to keep improving iGP Manager.
medal 5125 CEO & CTO
117 days ago
For anyone paying attention to this, there have obviously been further delays. We are working to get league rules out as soon as possible. It is now likely that the wheel-to-wheel racing update will arrive before the 10 new levels update, which has been delayed the most of the three.

I can assure everyone that there is a very good reason for the delays on these updates, but I am not in a position to disclose it yet. As soon as I can, I will explain what has been going on. Rest assured, it's only positive news.
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