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Car With Really High Attributes At The Start Of A New Season

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 6040
114 days ago (Last edited by Jordan Hazelrun 114 days ago)
O que você estava tentando fazer?
Nothing. A new season is just starting in my league.

O que ocorreu de fato?
A new season began in my league and my car have really high attributes in fuel and tyre economy.

O problema ocorre usando WiFi, internet móvel, ou ambos?

O bug ocorreu no aplicativo, PC ou ambos?

Qual é o sistema operacional do seu computador?
Windows 10

Em qual navegador ocorreu o problema?
It was in the program.

É possível reproduzir o problema?
I don't know.

Comentários adicionais:

I already tryed to quit the league and enter again. Nothing happened.

medal 5073 Super Mod
114 days ago
Instead of quitting the league and re-joining you should join any other league and then re-join your league, this will reset your car.

If you have more than one CD, make sure you have the correct one active before you carry out the reset.
medal 6040
114 days ago
Solved! Thank you, Kevin.
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