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Weird quali tire selection

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 5029
115 days ago
Mivel próbálkoztál?
Before quali, at first I set my strategy to run S tires on first stint, then about 10 minutes before quali I set it to inters as it was raining. Minutes before quali the rain stopped so I set it to SS tires, just 1-2 minutes b efore it would be locked, I'm 100% sure I saved it and all, I remember I was in a rush so I only set the first 2 stints to SS, the other 2 stints stayed on inters thinking that I would set it in the middle of the race.

Helyette mi történt?
My quali lap was done on S tires, my saved strategy was 2nd stint SS, 3rd and 4th stint inters during the race. So my strategy was saved, but I ran my quali on the wrong S tires.

Wifi, mobilinternet vagy mindkettő használatakor jelentkezett a hiba?

Alkalmazáson, PC-n vagy mindkettőn jelentkezett a hiba?

Milyen operációs rendszerű a PC-d?
Windows 10

Milyen böngészőben jelentkezett a probléma?

Megismételhető a hiba?
I don't know

További hozzászólások:
Advanced strategy was on, but it didn't do anything, it was set to change to inters if it would rain and change to SS if the rain would stop, again, S tires were never picked.
medal 5007
109 days ago
If it stopped raining recently, the "change to tyre X after Y laps" steps in. Search forum for Advanced strat explained.
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