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New: Reworked dirty air and slipstream effect

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medal 5160 Community Manager
1 year 115 days ago
Hello managers,

Today we are doing a sim update which includes a reworked dirty air and slipstream effect. Since the last update dirty air was turned off, in the meantime we have been developing a new reworked version for dirty air and slipstream. This has been tested during 2-3 weeks both internal and external.

The results are a weaker dirty air effect and a slipstream which should work in better conditions to make overtaking easier against cars with a heavier fuel load or tyres with noticeably less wear.

We will do a sim cycle so no maintenance window is needed. Once the mentioned changes are fully released, we will post another comment.

Thank you.
medal 5160 Community Manager
1 year 115 days ago
Races starting at 14:30 UTC will include the mentioned changes.
medal 5149 CEO & CTO
1 year 114 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 1 year 114 days ago)
It was brought to our attention overnight that one server didn't receive the changes. Any races that still seemed to lack a dirty air effect yesterday or this morning, your race was run on that server. Any races that did seem to have dirty air were run on the servers that did have the changes.

All races from 11:30 GMT onwards should have dirty air now that this has been resolved.
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