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Browser - The Ultimate Lag Experience

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medal 5265
78 days ago
What did you try to do?
Do an online race on the web browser

What happened instead?
This, every single lap:

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What operating system is your PC?
Windows 10

Which browser did you experience the problem in?
Opera GX

Can the bug be reproduced?
Several people were complaining about it in the race, so I would assume so

Additional comments:
Usually, I have easily 30+ fps while playing this with minimal lag + delay. This did not happen today.
medal 5110
78 days ago
This has been fairly normal for me the last 4 weeks on mobile with both wi-fi and mobile data
medal 5714
78 days ago
Yep was a lag fest today.
medal 5255 Super Mod
78 days ago
Having experienced the same as you guys I have reluctantly bowed to pressure and installed the Windows App. I have manged a couple of races with it (last night and tonight) and not suffered from the lag that I now experience using the browser.

I am not making excuses for the latest browser race viewer, I just let you know how I worked around it. I don't know if it will work for everyone but so far it has worked for me.
medal 5092
78 days ago
same on the mobile app, absolutely horrible and unplayable in the same league
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