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Race numbers

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10 days ago
Today I was updating my livery, and I noticed the race number for everyone is 1...I wonder if it's possible for managers to assign race numbers to their drivers.
So given other drivers in the league did not pick this number manager can pick that specific number once joining a new league. This can be used as identification for the drivers on the zoomed out map(currently it's just the position and you can't tell which driver is which by just looking at the map.
If that is too much of a hassle I think with duplicated race number just for cosmetic would be cool too. Would love to have that as an option in the livery.
medal 5100
8 days ago
so do you mean like the car number of driver for example In real life, Hamilton is 44, Russell is 63, Pérez is 11 or some sort?
Yea  i think that the driver should be allowed to choose their own number(by AI lucky draw)
medal 5513
8 days ago
Idea of individual numbers, as well as customizing cars so that they are a little different from each other, is very good. Like, for example, the ability to choose personal colors for drivers' helmets. Not a complete style, but at least different colors on helmets. Or the choice of an individual color for the mirrors on the car, which was practiced by the Sauber. But if during the race even sponsor logos are not visible, all these ideas are a waste of time
medal 5139
8 days ago
I would pay some token to change helmets and gloves colors. These are the things that help games to make money. I hope iGP will implement something suggested here.
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