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Academy driver

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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109 days ago
How much does academy driver salary is? and is it worth it to buy 20 talented academy driver?
medal 5542 Super Mod
108 days ago
If you have a Talent 20 driver in your academy it is definitely worth the 50 tokens to promote and then train them. They will be young and their starting salary only about £313k.

A similar driver from the market is going to cost you about £10m to buy with an ongoing wage bill of £1.2m per race to start with which will be hiked by 10% every time the contract is renewed.

If instead of taking a driver from your academy you use the 50 tokens to exchange for game cash you will get about £81m. So £10m to buy a driver from the market and £0.9m per race higher wages than an academy driver means that after about 80 races (4 seasons) the academy driver is already saving you money compared to an equivalent from the market.

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