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Wing level and ride height glitch

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 5178
103 days ago
What did you try to do?
I had my wing level and ride height setup perfect on both my drivers yesterday. There were no red words saying something was bad.

What happened instead?
I get back on this morning and now the words are red saying all my setups are wrong, I have no more practices to set it back up.

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What is the model of your device?
iPhone 13

What is the operating system?

What is the version number of the operating system?
I’m not sure chief

Can the bug be reproduced?
It’s happened to some others in my league.

Additional comments:
medal 5301 Moderator
103 days ago
Are you sure the weather didn't change? Different conditions (dry, rain, thunderstorm, snow) demand different ride height and wings setups.
medal 4980 Community Manager
103 days ago
Hello Mason,

Just checked the weather logs, conditions changed so that’s why setup it isn’t the perfect one.

I move the topic since this isn’t a bug.
medal 5301 Moderator
103 days ago
Ok, since that's confirmed there remains your predicament. I'd actually expect it to solve itself as it looks like it was raining this morning and will be dry at your race. If not the setups from dry to rain add 12 or 13 to ride height and wings in Pro, or to make sure it's absolutely correct there's always buying ideal setup (both cars or one and apply the difference to the second).
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