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T20 youth

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 5000
11 days ago
Hi I have  got my first T20 youth 17 year old female  but my question is she weighs 152lbs how long would it take to lose 40ish lbs  and what's the best stat to set with to train thanks all.
medal 5280 Super Mod
10 days ago
I recommend starting training with focusing on the physical attributes - even though weight is currently turned off, it is best to get it as low as possible in case weight is turned back on in future. 
Next, I'd move to driving ability, and once they are maximised, train the mental stars at the end. 

How long is takes to get weight to the minimum depends on how many stars your doctor has, how often you train your driver and whether you are able to watch adverts for health. In general, it only takes a few days, maybe a maximum of 4-5 days to minimise weight.
medal 5280
10 days ago
Buy a treadmill. 
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