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In regards to....

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medal 5001
272 days ago
.... the post title "Important notice regarding leagues and players farming tokens, cash, reputation and/or experience"...I want to be fully transparent and state that I have 5 logins and have made token purchases with 2 of them. I have placed all my teams into a temporary league called place holder for the current time due to a dramatic increase in work for my small engine repair business. Because of this, it's tough for me to be an active owner right now. In a couple months I should be able to rejoin the leagues I was in, although it will be best if I play offline (which is a whole nother topic). 

I hope Jose's post was not directed at me. I just want to keep my teams afloat while I'm getting caught up with my business. I have no intentions of farming xp or being the first to level 30 or any of that. During winter time here, I have more time to play igp. Right now I have way less time. 

I sincerely appreciate your understanding. 
medal 5002
271 days ago
If you ban all accounts of those who do the same, you can remove half of the active players from the IGP. Based on my personal observations.
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