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Carryover Design points?

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medal 5155
4 years 18 days ago
I recently thought about it and I know it maybe overpowered, but should design points carry over to the next season? I would say only some points should to avoid it being too overpowered, after going to the new season I think all design points should be saved so you can use them with the points before I think it should be halved completely when the total before was even and halved then subtracted by -.5 for odd ones. I do kind of get why they shouldn't carry over but if you release the car design, while you theoretically wouldn't design too much on it, it wouldn't make too much sense why you wouldn't be able to make any improvements to it when you first start to use the new design.
medal 5511 HEAD OF SUPPORT
4 years 18 days ago
Rolling over unused design points would bring back the 100%/0%/100% seasonal strategy.

Although I think that might not be what you're talking about.

It seems like you're suggesting the car design of a current season should carry some weight into a new season influencing more developed aspects of the car.

Which really sounds a lot like what Jack has in mind based on recent posts regarding next season development.
medal 5155
4 years 17 days ago
Actually was more what I meaning that way saving points holds some value if someone wanted to do it.
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