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QR and keyboard warriors

This thread is closed. Threads older than 6 weeks are closed automatically. To continue this discussion, create a new thread.
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medal 5104
272 days ago (Last edited by John Doe 260 days ago)
I want to discuss 2 points with the whole community as I'm tired of being attacked for no reason.

1) Here there is a discussion about public quick races:
As I didn't receive any response because the thread is locked, I want to know if I'm wrong. Are you able to have public quick race on any of the following tracks?

  • Germany

  • Great Britain

  • Japan

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Monaco

  • Russia

  • United States

  • Turkey 

Please let me know but remember the average player doesn't have 20 different accounts that allow you to have private races wherever you want or you will go off-topic. An answer from iGP admin would be very very welcome in order to stop any speculation.
iGP: yes, but we will never admit it explicitly to not deflate someone's ego.

2) Whatever will come from the point above, being right or wrong, I'm tired of being the target of same keyboard warrior who as usual provokes in a subtle way and then disappears. This is the reason why I wrote the point above, because he doesn't have enough courage to reply my reasonable request for a proof.

The terms of use are clear at point 4. What happened here is trolling in my opinion. This is an unrequested reply that brings nothing useful to this discussion with the only target of provoking me. To be honest my answer falls on the same category.

I know that the guy thinks to be untouchable because he brings a lot of money to iGP and this long series of stupid attacks will continue every now and then. So I want to understand should we be punished for our behaviour? Should we get a warning?
I don't know but whatever will happen should happen to my only profile and all of his profiles. I ask to stop this. Nothing more, nothing less.
iGP: It depends on the player who did it.


Extra point) Farming tokens is unsportsmanship but farming 1.92cm T30 drivers is ok? I mean if someone has 10/15 accounts that serve for this purpose, it's all ok? Is this kind of farming allowed?
iGP: yes, you are a cretin because you own only one profile while smart players are able to scout n times your drivers with multiple profiles and black market.

I hope this post will not be deleted but I wish it will start a respectful and civil discussion. Thanks for reading this rant.

medal 5051 Community Manager
272 days ago
Hey Giovanni,

There’re a number of tracks which aren’t available for public QR due to server’s capacity and optimisation. We’ll have a look at it after the next update, for obvious reasons this is low priority at the moment.

The previous thread was immediately locked down by me due to off-topic. I reserve the rights to decide what’s acceptable or not under the community guidelines and social features ToS, in the case you mentioned none were explicitly defined as “trolling”.

If you’ve any suspicion about farming you can always bring it to my attention at
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