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Token to $$ conversion

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medal 5148
4 years 16 days ago
During my race tonight I was talking to everyone about trading tokens for $$. In this discussion I discovered that it changes as you increase in level. To the point that a level 20 player gets $9.1M for 5 tokens.

The fact that real money can be used to buy tokens, and then those tokens have a different value for different players, strikes me as wrong. This effectively means that a higher level player's dollar is worth more than mine. If real money is in the equation it seems wrong to have manager level affect how much that is worth.

The token to $$ conversion in game should be constant across all manager levels.
medal 5415
4 years 16 days ago
well the reason would be to reduce the pay to win mentality one could have if the dollar was worth the same as the token especially considering what the tokens are used for
medal 5699
4 years 16 days ago
Focus more on the racing and less on the tokens people. If you want to make money you need to reach your race objectives. Sign middle of the pack sponsors.

Example income:
Prize money: 1.9M
Sponsors: 2.1M
Tokens: 2

If that doesn't make you money then I'm sorry, I don't care how good the staff and drivers you have are, they are just ripping the arm out off you. Buy new ones who work for less.
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