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Invitation to join the [ESA]

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medal 6302
147 days ago (Last edited by Eri Kobayashi 137 days ago)
I am Eri Kobayashi, leader of the [ESA] team!

Q.What is the ESA team?

To put it simply, we are a clan, and by joining this team, you will be able to build a sister-team-like relationship with the Tribe.

Q. What becomes possible.
If you join the [ESA] team, you can supply your custom engine to "RED BULL135".
Since the engine manager is Mr SportKobayashi from RED BULL135.

When you dismiss a driver, you can give it to someone else in the ESA team! This way, you won't have to fire them right away.

We can supply RED BULL135 with his custom engine.
There's a better chance of finding a place for the drivers to move to.

[Conditions after joining.
Be sure to add 'ESA' to your team name!
*(No lower case letters allowed)

(Optional) - It is optional, but if you want to unify the icon, please search for 'waifu labs' and create it on the top 1 website (*´-`) Or, if you want the official team logo, please end it to DM of SportKobayashi. Or DM us on Twitter.

(optional) - Custom engine supply is optional.

We are looking for members! ( ・∇・)

When you want to join, please send me a DM .
medal 5564
140 days ago
I am in charge of engines at ESA😃.
You are free to join a custom engine, even if it's just because of the ESA name 😄.
If you want to join ESA clan, please DM Eri or me 🙂.
medal 6302
127 days ago
Thanks to your support, [ESA] now has 6 members.
We are planning to open a dedicated Discord if we have enough members.
If you want to join ESA, please send us a message on the forum or by DM 📩.
medal 6302
93 days ago
We now have 10 ESA members! Thank you very much!!!

If you would like to join, please send a DM to me or Sport Kobayashi! Put 'ESA' in the team name.
You can use the custom engine (Red Bull) provided by ESA!

We are looking for 9th graders!

medal 6302
69 days ago
Would you like to join the ESA clan? 
I am the leader of ESA!

The only condition to join is to DM me and add 'ESA' to your team name!
If you join, you will be invited to a dedicated ESA Discord. You can interact with other managers and discuss tyre strategy!
If you're having trouble supplying engines, we can provide you with the custom engines we supply!

Custom engine: RED BULL 135
Manager: Sport Kobayashi
medal 6017
67 days ago
Good Luck!💪💪💪
medal 6302
64 days ago
medal 6302
41 days ago
You can join ESA! To join, you need to add 'ESA' to your team name! Once confirmed, we will invite you to our dedicated Discord 😁 You will also be able to use our custom engines, supplied by ESA!

Engineer: Sport Kobayashi
Custom engine: RED BULL 135
medal 6302
10 days ago (Last edited by Eri Kobayashi 10 days ago)
ESA has 14 members and has been in existence for six months now! I now have an ESA tyre strategist, an advisor, a supporter I can turn to in times of need, and two dedicated ESA engines and a well-equipped Discord!
My current goal is to get 20 members!

I want to make everyone stronger and raise awareness of this ESA clan! We are looking for engine providers and people who want to get stronger!
DM me or Sport Kobayashi!

6-month anniversary!!!
medal 5564
10 days ago
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