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Reminder: DST clock changes

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medal 5051 Community Manager
119 days ago
The race times in iGP Manager are set in GMT/UTC and do not change with daylight savings time (DST) adjustments.

Here is why:

  • iGP Manager has an international audience and most managers (even in the same league) don't adjust the clocks at the same time

  • Some time zones actually never make DST changes

  • It would cause far more confusion to move the clocks as soon as they change in one region, when they haven't changed in another, e.g. moving all race times because the clocks changed in the UK would cause total confusion in North America. Why should North American times change when DST hasn't changed there?

To simplify things, we make it clear every time the clocks move that times are specified in GMT/UTC and fixed. This way it is the same for everyone around the world at all times, and easy to keep track of changes.

If your clock moves +1, then your race is +1 on the clock, and if your clock moves -1, then your race is -1 on the clock. League hosts can adjust the schedule in advance if they wish to avoid this.

The only other way to address this is to contact the government and ask them to stop changing the clocks.
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