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Level 30

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 5235
14 days ago
I’ve seen a lot of level 26 drivers available but e what happened to some of the level 30 drivers that used to be available?
medal 5108 Super Mod
14 days ago
Hi Michael. I’m assuming you mean talent 30 and that you are referring to the transfer market and not headquarters.

Most likely they have been bought by other players and/or there just aren’t any listed on the auction house at the moment.

A talent 30 driver that has been fully trained will be a minimum of level 27 (maximum of L30) Meaning managers under that level can’t sign or see them on the transfer market. (You are capped by your manager level.)

Partially trained or untrained ones I would expect to be quite rare on the market, but if you’ve seen some more May eventually turn up.
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