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New World League

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medal 5004
3 years 173 days ago
Good evening everyone.

Our league is undergoing a complete overhaul and we are looking for teams interested in participating.

The current season is ending (ends 10/08) and we will change the guidelines for the next one. We look forward to new teams so we can discuss the rules together, but at first I think of races with 75% duration for Rookie and Pro categories and 100% for Elite.

If there is interest in participation, everyone will be very welcome. Let's turn our fun into a world competition!

I await all of you!

Thank you and see you on track ...

medal 5000
3 years 172 days ago
Is there a spot on Rookie?
medal 5004
3 years 171 days ago

We have vacancies! The league has few players at the moment, it was kind of abandoned. After I got in and started running, they left the administration with me and now I'm trying to fill it!

Call friends, let's enjoy the fun and make good runs!
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