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Become a iGP Moderator - Open positions

This topic has been closed by the moderator José Trujillo
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4 years 55 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 180 days ago)
Dear community,

In order to improve the in-game experience, we are opening vacancies for iGP Manager Moderation Team (VOLUNTEERS).


• Have an high level of English, you will communicate with the other areas of the team in this language.
• Wide hourly availability: 1-2 hours of minimum daily connection.
• Be eager to learn how to use the forum and the moderator tools.
• Be participatory and be willing to have a pleasant time on the team.
• Have a registered account at Discord. We use a discord server to coordinate as a team.
• To be available in Discord on a regular basis from day one.
• No previous experience is required, just be familiar with the forum at the user level and want to learn. 

If you meet these conditions, send your request to José Trujillo at the following email address: and write "Request to Moderator" as subject. In it you must provide us with the following information:

Name in Discord and Forum (name with which you are registered):
Are you over 18? Yes or No
Nationality, Country:
Native language and others:
Experience in iGP Manager:
Experience in other teams as moderator:
Brief commentary on you and why we should give you the position of moderator and also what makes you better than the rest:

You can apply for the next languages:

🇬🇧 English: 1
🇪🇸 Spanish: 1
🇩🇪 German: 0
🇵🇹 Portuguese: 1
🇬🇷 Greek: 1
🇫🇮 Finnish: 2
🇯🇵 Japan: 1
🇹🇷 Turkish: 0
🇷🇺 Russian: 1
🇭🇺 Hungarian: 0
🇮🇩 Indonesian: 1
🇵🇱 Polish: 1
🇯🇵 Japanese: 1

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