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56 days ago
what I'm about to say will certainly cause negative comments from many managers but that's what I think .... in my league many times we compare the progress of the cars during the season and we noticed that this season the qualifications are very close to how they should be in relation to the cars (except Malaysia) this made me think, and above all hope, that the qualifications they start to be much better than before. The height of the rider certainly does not count anymore (very positive thing). if you go to see my qualifications you will find a striking example .... at the beginning of the season I started with the best car and I always qualified very well, however with the passing of the races I was reached by the other managers and my qualifications went getting worse. in my opinion this is how qualifying should work. now I don't know if changes have been made or if it is all random but anyway I wanted to congratulate the staff for once. The fact remains that there are still many problems to be solved and it is useless to report them. I hope I don't have to change my mind, for the moment thanks and congratulations .....
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