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Simulator update 23 June 2020 - Update

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43 days ago (Last edited by Bruno Brown 42 days ago)
Today we rolled out an update to the simulators in regards to helping improve the pit situation.

We did test this in three different stages, tested myself on my machine, tested internally and tested with our beta testers.

Unfortunately even with all of this testing you can not catch all the issues that may come up with changing a complex program such as the racing simulation. Issues will always become more apparent when being used in scale.

I have made the decision to roll back the update that was applied, as there was increased reports in different areas that concerned me and will need further investigation.

I will go through the data collected as well as the changes that were applied and see where the issues reported may stem from.

I will update you all on this when I can, hopefully if it is a simple fix I can reapply the update tomorrow. 
medal 5215 VIEWER DEV
42 days ago
Okay so after a review I believe I found the issue and we have done some tests that review races as a whole as well as focusing on the issue that came up yesterday.

Races starting after this time will be using the new sims. If any issues arise I may reverse the update again, but I feel it shouldn't be necessary this time.
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