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Kers locked issue

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 6675
47 days ago
What did you try to do?
After pitting and rejoining the track my kers kept locked for the whole of my stint.

What happened instead?
Couldnt use kers for the whole of my stint until i pitted again then it was back to normal.

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?
Mobile data

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What is the model of your device?

What is the operating system?

What is the version number of the operating system?
Tab a

Can the bug be reproduced?

Additional comments:
medal 6655
47 days ago
Someone else in my league was saying about this 
medal 6939 SUPER MOD
46 days ago
Good evening, Shaun! 

I'm sorry for what just happened. This problem may be related to the other problems that have arisen today. Anyway, I have flagged this thread to the support team's attention. I beg your patience.

medal 6638 SUPPORT AGENT
46 days ago
Hello Shaun

It's very likely to be related to the problem we saw yesterday.
You should not have this kind of problem now, in case it should occur again, let us know.
I'll mark the thread as solved.

Best Regards
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