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Wrong strategy!

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medal 6198
31 days ago
So who didn't get the strategy they wanted in the last race?

Cause I got someone else's strategy. LOL

I had drivers 1 and 2 identical strategies saved from early hours of Friday morning after the last race on Thursday. But somehow driver 2 thought he would start the race on a 13 lap softs instead of 9 lap supersofts.
medal 6953 MODERATOR
29 days ago
Hi James, what you experienced is very weird.

I escalated to support, let's see what they find out.
medal 6198
28 days ago
Hi Heiden,
 I understand it shouldn't happen, but weird and wonderful things always happen in iGP. 

If it had of been Medium tyres I'd of put it down to lag, the save button not working correctly. But to get soft's has to wires crossed somewhere. :D
medal 6953 MODERATOR
27 days ago
I always triple check that in my accounts  hahaha

I hope they can investigate that and find something wrong.
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