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We need managers! Badly!

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194 days ago (Last edited by Donnie Darwin 194 days ago)
We in the ‘Everyday iGP’ league badly need active managers. 
These last few months have seen us hemorrhaging managers and we’re now down to just 5 active guys in the elite tier. 
We run 100% race length at 2x speed. Race time  21:00 (that’s GMT+1, so 20:00 if you’re in the uk). We race a full calendar with daily races and a two day layover in between seasons. 
For the elite tier we have a tyre rule - atm it’s a 4 compound rule, meaning that all cars must run at least one stint on each of the available dry compounds when starting in dry conditions. We often revisit how to keep everything competitive and encourage managers to take part. 
We keep open minds for any suggestions in the name of fun and competitive racing. So if you’re looking for a league open to exploration come join us. Maybe you’re sitting on exactly what we didn’t knew we needed :)

All the best, Donnie Darwin - manager of the Everyday iGP League. 
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