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Premier International Racing (PiR)

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medal 5617 SUPER MOD
68 days ago (Last edited by Kevin Bissell 21 days ago)
Hi all.
I have been playing iGP for five and a half years and in this time I have been fortunate to have competed in leagues run by some epic hosts and come up against a few legendary managers such as Joey McLane who taught me so much about the game. (See HoF #1 and the two guides in Help & Support sub-forum).
Anyhow, enough about me… I decided it’s time to give something back to the community so I have created my very first league, “Premier International Racing” and I invite you to join.
Our first race is next Tuesday 21st July at 21:00 UK time.

This is the first season so we all kick off on a level playing field with a Williams chassis (3dp in CD strength, 1dp in weakness and 2dp in the remaining 6 attributes). This means a good development and research strategy throughout the opening season will pay dividends. Also, because it’s the first season, providing we get the tiers sufficiently well populated the top 4 from Rookie and Pro will gain promotion.
My aim is to provide a friendly league where Elite managers can discuss the finer points of the game and less experienced lower tier managers have the opportunity to receive some coaching and advice from the more experienced players.
In addition to the league wall I want to promote some friendly banter outside of the confines of the iGP world so I have set up a PiR Discord server. Anyone joining the league will be given the opportunity to join this server (It’s optional).
Currently we have six confirmed Elite managers including myself. I have cheekily asked José Trujillo to join and to my surprise he has agreed.
Finally, because all of you have a real life outside of this game we will not race on a Friday or Saturday evening to allow you to socialise with family and friends without the stress of wondering how your team are performing in your absence. 

That’s about all for now, any questions please post below or PM me.

Premier International Racing

MTWTFSS at 20:00
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 1.5x race speed
See league

Here are the rules:
League settings:

  • Teams: 2 Car – Maximum 16 teams per tier

  • Race Distance: 50%

  • Race Speed: 1.5x

  • Race Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

  • Number of races: Season 1 = 15 races (Poll to determine number of races season 2 onwards)

  • Race Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun

  • Race Time: 21:00 UK Time (Currently BST but will change to GMT on 25/10/2020)

  • Promotion / Relegation: Enabled

  • Flags & Safety Cars: Enabled (To be disabled as soon as devs introduce the toggle)

Local Rules:

  • Tyres: No restrictions – (Participants will determine if tyre rules will be introduced from season 2 onwards for Elite tier)

  • Design: No restrictions

  • Car repair: Cars must be repaired at least every three races to prevent breakdown.

  • Attendance: Not compulsory but attendance is encouraged.

  • Number of teams: Only one team per manager per tier.

  • Behaviour: When posting on the league wall or in race chat please be considerate of others.

In addition to iGP Private Messages this league has a dedicated Discord server. Members will be invited to contribute.
medal 5887
65 days ago (Last edited by Kevin Bissell 65 days ago)
48 hours until Season 1, race 1.

Rookie tier is filling nicely and we have a number of strong experienced managers in Elite.

It would be great if we could get a bunch of Pro managers to join. Remember, season 1 in a two car league four teams are promoted. So if we can attract 8 Pro teams, the top 4 will become Elite managers the following season. 

Help and advice freely given to less experienced managers to accelerate your journey through the game.

I hope to see you in Australia on Tuesday evening.

If you want to PM me, this is the account that is hosting and competing in PiR

medal 5887
62 days ago
Well the first race of the season was a resounding success. A very close fought battle, the eventual winner of the Elite tier only being decided on the final lap. So it's congratulations to:

  • 1st - Driver: William Harris - Manager: Mr Pink - Team: Reservoir Dogs

  • 2nd - Driver: Robert Hamilton - Manager: Jose Rodriguez - Team: Team GT

  • 3rd - Driver: Ronaldo Almeida - Manager: Kevin Bissell - Team: Skid Marks Junior

Also well done to the Top three Rookie teams who I believe enjoyed their first race in the new league.

Being the first season means that we benefit from a fairly rare situation. Normally any team joining after race 1 is at a huge disadvantage, but this isn't the case in PiR because in season 1 all cars start the season with a total of only 16 design points. So anyone joining before today's race should still be competitive.

Additionally, because there are only three teams in Pro there are no worries about being relegated from Elite even if the tier fills to capacity before the end of the season.

The Rookie tier will have four teams promoted at the end of the season and you still have time to fill one of the three vacant slots.

PM me if you're interested and I will explain more.

Thanks for reading
medal 5887
49 days ago
We're now three quarters of the way through the inaugaral season so it's time for a progress report.

With four races remaining it will take an unbelievable collapse in form to prevent Reservoir Dogs (Team Principal Mr. Pink) from taking a double championship. They have won 8 of the 11 races to date and it's going to take a very special manager to take the challenge to this team next season. If you think you have the skills please join us for season 2.

Team GT (Jose Rodriguez) have kept Reservoir Dogs honest throughout the season and are still mathematically in with a chance… In much the same way as Red Bull can mathematically challenge Mercedes for the 2020 F1 Championship.

With 172 points still available, third place is being fought over by two teams. Skid Marks Junior (Kevin Bissell) is currently leading Interpol Motorsport (Casagrande LA) by just 43 points. Regardless of the final order, the moral third place will go to Casegrande who has only managed to attend a couple of the live races this season.

The Rookie tier has exceeded expectations, with at least 8 teams being actively managed. Four teams will promote to Pro next season, most likely candidates are four from the following five:

  • Schumi Motorsports – Paulo Maldini

  • Condog Racing Junior Team – Connor Cooper

  • Brawn F1 – Player One

  • McLaughlin Motorsports – Ciaran McLaughlin

  • Eir Racing – Walker Duncan

The level of activity in the Rookie tier gives me confidence that the league will survive. The four teams who promote this season will probably spend two seasons in Pro before promotion to Elite is triggered at the end of season 3.

More to follow later with the calendar for Season 2.

medal 5124
47 days ago (Last edited by Connor Cooper 47 days ago)
I can say (from a Rookie perspective at least) the races in this league are very exciting. I joined this league a little under a season ago, and the managers I have raced with, and the battles I have had are phenomenal. 

If you are a Pro Manager, I wouldn't miss an opportunity to join this league for next season. The Rookies who are getting promoted are extremely competitive and are sure to be pushing that fighting spirit into their Pro races. 

Furthermore, Pro will soon become even more competitive. Once we get 8 pro Managers; promotion will be activated and the fight will begin for the coveted Elite spots to race against Kevin, and the rest of the Elite tier. 
medal 5887
45 days ago
There are two more races remaining in our first season. In the Elite tier the championships are now decided and as I suspected a few races ago it will be Reservoir Dogs (Mr Pink) who will take both the team and drivers championships.

Rookie tier is active and both titles have been won by Schumi Motorsports (Paolo Maldini). A special mention goes to Condog Racing Junior Team (Connor Cooper) who have taken second place in the team championship despite not joining until race 4 with a pretty ropey design,

Season 2 will be 17 races, then season 3 and beyond are planned to be 20 race calendars. The number of races have been chosen to ensure the last race of the season will always be a Thursday (we don't race Friday or saturday).

Season 2 begins Wednesday 12th August. We could do with a few more Elite racers so if you want a relaxed, friendly but competitive league, look no further. It will be great to have you race with us.

Here is the calendar for season 2:

12/08/2020 Belgium
13/08/2020 Italy
16/08/2020 Russia
17/08/2020 Austria
18/08/2020 Mexico
19/08/2020 German
20/08/2020 Abu Dhabi
23/08/2020 Canada
24/08/2020 Turkey
25/08/2020 Australia
26/08/2020 Brazil
27/08/2020 Azerbaijan
30/08/2020 Spain
31/08/2020 Hungary
01/09/2020 China
02/09/2020 Europe
03/09/2020 United States
medal 5887
41 days ago

A number of managers have requested an increase in race speed. So from the Russian race on Sunday 16th until Abu Dhabi on Thu 20th we will be running at 1.5x race speed. The distance will remain the same at 50% so the race duration will reduce to approx. 30 minutes.

During this trial period managers will be providing feedback, if it is positive we will continue to run at 1.5x until the end of the season at which point we will re-evaluate.

So... First race of season 2 tonight. If it's the 1.0x race speed that puts you off joining, you no longer have an excuse LOL.

I look forward to seeing you later at Spa.

medal 5887
21 days ago
1.5x race speed has been a resounding success with plenty of positive feedback. For this reason we will continue to run at 1.5x until further notice.

There are two more races remaining in season 2, the final race being USA on Thursday 3rd September.

Season 3 will be 20 races and kicks off in Brazil on Sunday 6th.

Three teams will promote to Elite at the end of the season so we should begin season 3 with 9 teams plus all you guys who are eager to join.

Season 3 calendar:
06/09…. Brazil
07/09…. Abu Dhabi
08/09…. China
09/09…. Britain 09
10/09…. Malaysia
13/09…. France
14/09…. Spain
15/09…. Belgium
16/09…. Europe
17/09…. Mexico
20/09…. Singapore
21/09…. Azerbaijan
22/09…. Monaco
23/09…. Hungary
24/09…. Australia
27/09…. United States
28/09…. Italy
29/09…. Austria
30/09…. Japan
01/10…. Germany
medal 5887
2 days ago
Hello again all.

I've had a few tentative enquiries from people thinking of joining the league. The Elite tier has been a resounding success with all managers setting up and applying strategies and the majority also attending the races. Pro and Rookie have not been so well supported but there are dummy accounts in place to ensure those that do make the effort are rewarded with promotion through the tiers.

We are currently mid way through season 3. Below is the season 4 calendar for those of you who like to plan your league moves well in advance. The first race of S4 is a couple of weeks away on Sunday 4th October. I hope to see you in Germany, if you have any questions please PM me.


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