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Practice lap issues [FIXED]

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264 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 264 days ago)
An issue with practice laps returning "0:00.000" lap times was brought to our attention this morning. We have just applied a fix for this now and laps will resume as normal.

The reason for the fault was that the number of practice laps completed had exceeded the number that could be supported by one of the systems behind the service. All services were online and operational the entire time. We are now patching that system so that this can't happen again in future. In order to get an immediate solution on the front-end we also took the decision to wipe all practice laps and start from 0 again. This doesn't handicap anyone and gets the system working. Anyone that had already completed their laps will have the ability to redo them, and all setups and strategies saved before this change will remain as they were.
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