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We need active managers

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medal 5617
46 days ago
Hi mates, if you're looking for a league, our league might be the right one for you. We are looking for active managers who are willing to share experiences in the league. 😎😉😎😉


MTWTFSS at 12:30
50% race distance igp-car 1 car per team 2.0x race speed
See league
medal 5547
12 days ago
Hi Fellow Managers,

Still a great active league, we are still developing and trying to create a strong, compedative and exciting league. We have a 22 race season competing every day. Just reacently we are experimenting with a two-tyre rule (in elite only) which, so far, we have found has brought some new challenges.

We have a discord channel linked in for ease of communication and of course banter.

So join up if the time slot suits you.

Thank you,

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