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Random 10 place drop at start of the race

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medal 5706
49 days ago
What did you try to do?
Nothing! But almost every race 1 of my drivers drops 10 places on start

What happened instead?
10 or so place drop at start

Did the problem happen while using wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

Did the bug happen in the app, on PC, or both?

What is the model of your device?

What is the operating system?

What is the version number of the operating system?

What operating system is your PC?

Which browser did you experience the problem in?

Can the bug be reproduced?
Yes almost every race one of my drivers drop 10 places on start no matter what I do. Both drivers have same push levels similar strategy but still this continues to happen and is putting me off the game. I repair cars with parts replace engines each race have 2 similar young drivers best staff yet this issue is hampering me getting points and is very disappointing this keeps happening to me in my league. Getting fed up with this. If I am the manager and I don't input my drivers to differrent

Additional comments:
Push or strategy why without my control does my driver has poor starts and drops 10+ places almost every race! So far this season atleast 4-5 times it's happened to me and not once to majority of othe
medal 6055
49 days ago
I race with Adam in the same league, and I have seen these very unfair starts happening frequently since the new season.

Even with a Supersoft tyre start, a massive place drop happens for no apparent reason.

L Hamilton, Supersofts, USA: Grid: P6, Lap 1: P14 (+8 places) 
L Hamilton, Softs, Austria: Grid: P10, Lap 1: P19 (+9 places)
L Hamilton, Softs, Abu Dhabi: Grid: P11, Lap 1: P21 (+10 places)

This also happens in Qualifying, where there are unexplained gaps between Adam's drivers, run under the same Qualifying conditions.
M Schumacher: 1:16.622, P1
L Hamilton: 1:17.074 , P17 (+0.452)

And strangely, both of Adam's drivers were created on the same day, but one driver is very heavily effected by this bug.

Something in the iGP coding is very amiss, please investigate as no player in this game should have such erratic start consistency, with one of their drivers, through no fault of their own.
medal 5706
49 days ago (Last edited by Adam Shaikh 49 days ago)
This game has become a random game it's no longer a management game. Being a manager managing all aspects of the game repairing car each race with parts engines managing drivers staff having best staff fully trained drivers building best car doing good research and then random 10 place drop without my fault with no control over it. This is stupid, that's a shame i used to enjoy playing but I've decided I'm going to stop playing end of season. I used to play this game to compete and enjoy but it's all frustrations and random with no fault of my own whats the point me spending so much time and effort when it's all become random.

Race 1 MS Q 18 1st lap 24 dropped 8 places 
Race 2 LH Q 6 1st lap 14 dropped 8 places 
Race 3 MS Q 1st 1.16.622 LH Q 17th  1.17.074
Race 7 MS Q 13 1st lap 17 dropped 4 places 
Race 9 LH Q 10 1st lap 19 dropped 9 places 
Race 11 LH Q 11 1st lap 21 dropped 10 places
medal 6125
49 days ago
This has happened to me a lot as well. The most positions I've ever lost on lap 1 was 18. It completely ruins your race every time. 
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