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Service interruption (2021-02-14 @ 00:00 GMT)

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medal 5067 CEO & CTO
168 days ago (Last edited by Jack Basford 168 days ago)
The service went offline around this time for almost an hour due to an expired certificate for the domain. This is a silly mistake / human error on our part and we have rectified the problem as quickly as possible, given that it was after midnight on a Saturday. We have also improved the certificate implementation so that human / manual renewal will no longer be a requirement, so this problem can never happen again in future. It will all be automated from now on.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and understand that many leagues running at this time on mobiles especially may have experienced severe difficulty accessing the app. For those on desktop the site was actually still accessible and working fine if you continued past a temporary warning. On mobiles there was no such option and this resulted in being unable to access key elements of the app momentarily.
medal 5067 CEO & CTO
168 days ago
We have become aware that desktop users may not be able to view races in the WebGL race viewer. If you find yourself in this position we strongly recommend using the Android or iOS apps until this is resolved, they are working fine for viewing races.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, we will aim to get an engineer on the job to repair WebGL connections first thing on Sunday morning.
medal 5067 CEO & CTO
167 days ago
All issues caused by this incident should now be resolved, including WebGL race viewer access and the transfers market is now back online.
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