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F1 Shoot Out

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medal 5620
111 days ago (Last edited by Jonny Mac 32 days ago)

F1 Shoot out

MTWTFSS at 18:00
50% race distance igp-car 1 car per team 1.5x race speed
See league

New season !!  
      Monday. June.  28
We have a great league. Very competitive.

We need rookies, pro, and elites!!

Race is 1.5 speed at 50%
                          Start time  
            🏁     1400 eastern usa  🏁
             πŸ    1900 uk.                  🏁
             πŸ    2000 europe.          🏁

 we are a one car league with no rules but to have fun!!

    One car ! One title !            🏁🏎️    πŸ†    🏎️🏁
    Come and get it !!!
medal 5620
104 days ago (Last edited by Jonny Mac 97 days ago)

Racers are starting to fill slots.come to see why !!

medal 5072
91 days ago
Our pro league needs more members. Stop by and see whats poppin βœ”οΈπŸ‘Œ.
medal 5620
67 days ago
The end of may is the end of the season....still looking for pros to fill up positions. 
medal 5226
59 days ago
Sign up to F1 Shootout, get stuck in and you'll be with us for a long time whether Rookie, Pro or Elite!
medal 5620
41 days ago
We need some new blood for the meat grinder!!!!
medal 5226
32 days ago
F1 Shoot Out - Rookies and Pros please sign up. Competitive racing waiting for you.
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