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Let's talk about tyres

Harder tyres should be able to push harder when the outside temperature is higher.

63.64% (7)
Yes! We would love more difference in compounds.
36.36% (4)
No! Embrace the Soft Domination.
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77 days ago
So.... Just had a race at Monza, Italy.

Temperature: 30°C
Race: 100% 
Speed: 2x

On the first stint I made a mistake going out on softs, after a few laps the temperatures were red hot every corner at PL1. 

Under the impression hot tyres would slow down drastically i opted to pit for Mediums. After a few laps mediums were getting around 1/4th in the red zone on PL1. But to my surprise the 3 guys in front are faster on overheating sofs than my hot mediums.

I kept an eye on the times but sadly did not gain any or a lot of time to those in front. For the 2nd (3rd) full stint I tried the hard tyre compound. Based on my experience some time ago in hot races the hards could overcome the time disadvantage by being able to utilize a higher push level.
To my surprise, even the hard compound tyres are overheating at PL2 leaving me with a slow tyre and no ability to push them harder as one might expect to be able to.

I'd love to see if we could make this a suggestion to change the differences between compounds. This would also make races a little more exiting and the ability for different tactical master plans for a race win.
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