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Drivers locked and fuel load

This thread is closed because it is solved.
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medal 5876
68 days ago
Hello everyone, already "thank you" for replying on this message.
2 questions:
- When trying to buy a driver on the market, his salary etc aren't visible, all I see is a lock.What is this?
- Second one: does the fuel load for the first race stint have an influence on your quali?

Thanks again and enjoy the game!
medal 5137 SUPER MOD
68 days ago

  1. Salary is not visible, it's a surprise when they rock up at the team headquarters. Not very realistic, in real life you would never employ someone without agreeing remuneration. Anyhow, the general rule is the higher the level of the driver the higher the salary. A fully maxed T20 L18+ Driver will generally have a salary of over £1m per race which is why high level managers tend to scout drivers from their academy and train them.

  2. No, the fuel load for stint 1 does not influence qualifying. According to the Developers all cars qualify on the stint 1 tyre compound but with minimum fuel.

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